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Samsung Highlights

While Samsung’s smartphone announcements are anticipated by millions globally, several rounds of leaks and renders haven’t left much to imagination about the upcoming flagship duo. Another set of rumours claim that early buyers of the Galaxy S9 series might be able to get their hands on one before they hit market shelves. Additionally, newer high-resolution renders of the Galaxy S9 have surfaced online offering a clearer picture ahead of the launch event.

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pexels-photo-714093.jpeg2017 has witnessed a number of ingenious technologies emerge and become the topics of discussion around boardroom tables all over the world. We kept hearing terms like Artificial Intelligence, cloud, NLP and blockchain in 2017. Considering all this, questions emerge – will 2018 be an exciting year? Yes—ish. The truth is, we’re right in the midst of a revolution. Sounds exhilarating, right? .So, what are the top three technology trends we’ll be witnessing in this year? Here’s the answer

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Why content matters the most in marketing ?

Content is the Ace” – Writing high quality, absolutely authentic, useful, interesting and unique content for readers will bring you the crown.

According to Seth Godin, “content marketing is the only marketing left.

It is a key element of modern time’s marketing techniques for every single and last online business. Content Marketing is the lifeline of your online business.

In January 1996, Bill Gates published an article named “content is king”. So, It’s hard to find how old is this term and how valuable it is.

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Google Console

YETI” Yes you heard it right, rumored is that Google is launching their own gaming console. One of biggest company “Google” launching their first product in gaming field. It is a bold move to go into the gaming market. Where there is already big tech giant like Sony and Microsoft. These giants are in the market from very long time. So it is going to be very difficult for the Google for beat the giants.