What are backlinks and crosslinks? How they are structured?

What are backlinks and crosslinks? How they are structured?

By the end of this post you will be able to to know about what are backlinks and how are they structured .


What is a backlink?

Simply a backlink is a hyperlink which when clicked direct you to another page. The purpose of a backlink is to add more

  • value-added content
  • others opinion
  • research
  • experts

who you have have identified more important enough to link to. In terms of search engines google, bing, yahoo and others use them to index web pages  by swinging from link to link with their web crawlers almost all web pages in google and other search engines have been indexed this way.

Lastly in terms of SEO backlinks works as a vote of confidence to pass on one website to another this helps building the authority of the website that is being linked

Let’s see how does a backlink looks in a html format

 <a href="https://techuerydecode.com/">Techuery Decode | All Tech Down Your Neck</a>

The ‘<a href’ tag  is the opening tag the computer knows to add a link followed by an equal sign and quotations “https://example.com/” where your URL will rest the opening a href tag is closed by a ‘>’  greater than sign followed by the link text which you’ll click on which is also known as the anchor text and is very important as it tell the search engines and the web crawlers what the link is about make sure the anchor text you select is same as the URL you are selecting and not something entirely different.

Don’t deceive the audience because they will get mad and don’t deceive google because they they will punish you by lowering your trust.

In the next section I’ll be guiding you How you will be defining the backlink quality.

I’ll add the link later to this section.

In the previous posts we were talking about the following question?

This is an addition to the previous content.

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