Crafting Quality Content| Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

In our earlier blog posts we discussed about How Google Search Works  and about  Backlinks | Are they still important ? | How to get quality backlinks?

If you haven’t read those two article I’d suggest to first read those two articles before getting up here..

In this section we’d introduce you to how to write quality content just like the 1% of the web does. Through this section we’d be discussing about Topical Relevance,Writing techniques and how to add most impactful finishing touches.

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  • Topical Relevance
  • Writing Tactics
  • Finishing Touches

This section is really Jam-packed with actually material.

Content Introduction

I am going to cover this section under a new light. A light that goes beyond searches and wins. Nothing is this part is typical to understand or hard to implement. But in order to achieve the maximum results of this article I suggest taking the words seriously now onwards. We’ll they can be summarized in three question overall.

  1. Does the Content fit the overall topic of your Website?
  2. Does the content increase the quality of your website?
  3. Will people find your content useful and recommend it to others?

If you get these question built-in your content creation you are on and the rest of the thing I’d be telling you will only supercharge you SEO

New King In Content

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Make Your Content Relevant

Mostly everyone who knows SEO understands that relevance is the new key. With Relevance and proper backlinking we calculated that their’s a significant relation between page ranking.

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What is Topical Relevancy?

Topical relevancy is presenting content that manages to cover one topic, keyword or a key phrase in a comprehensive manner meaning that no stone is left unturned i.e Covering each and every word associated to that keyword of key phrase must be covered about that topic.

In a study done by Searchmetrics’ in 2014 found out relevant terms was the second most important factor in search engine rankings.

 What are relevant terms ?

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For example, relevant terms in a post of gardening will be:

  • Plant
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Sunlight

Each time a highly relevant term appears in an article it is giving a SEO boost.Much like using exact mach keyword did when search engines first started.Therefore, using relevant terms that compliments the main keywords that helps SEO in a major way. Make sure when you are using relevant terms they are used in a way that they make sense. Remember google can now figure out what makes sense and what doesn’t much like a human can.

So how does google know what terms are topically relevant ?

Google basically scan all the content available online that mentions your keywords and checks what terms concessionally show up there if your post does a good job of covering those other terms that concessionally show up in other related articles then your content is considered topically relevant.

I will be covering more in the next section.. A link will be provided down soon enough.


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