5000 like instantly- Really? Facebook Autolikers Explained

We all use Facebook a lot but our aspirations to get more like on facebook we might use autolikers today I am going to tell you all how these auto-likers works and why we should stop using them.

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Facebook is such a great platform of for getting your opinion on the web, a beautifully crafted social platform to let’s you connect to your friends and family. But despite all this people see how much you are popular. How nice are you?  or what positions you have among your friends and this comparison gives a boost to Auto-likers.

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If your posts gets minimum likes like 30-50 then a thought comes to our mind that  why don’t we too get a thousands of likes and tons of followers but when you’ll start thinking practically you’d get to know any person cannot have a 10 thousand friends so when you know these are auto generated like why do we opt them.


Now the $ Question- How do autolikers works?

Auto likers work on the like for like Concept. Once you get signed up to these websites or apps firstly they’ll ask you to log in your fb account and then they generate a token. Now this token is similar in all ways to generating a password of your account. Then they credit likes or requests on your fb account.

What is like for like concept?

The reality is the people who have already joined that website(autoliker) likes credited to your account by their profile are the likes given from those people accounts who have already joined these websites and  in order to achieve this your account or post will be declared public.

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Why aren’t they safe?

Risk of using facebook autolikers-

Your account is open to all that means it is set to public. A token is generated that means you are in consent of your knowledge giving this access to your account which is illegal too and aslo comes under the facebook law violation. Futhermore you can be banned anytime for liking any ramdom pics banned for 24 hrs or even get your account banned for usage of such things.. so it is adviced not to use these autolikers.

Hope this info will be useful in choosing strategies over autolikes.








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