Backlinks | Are they still important ? | How to get quality backlinks?

Being a blogger I like hop on answer site like qoura to share my knowledge with those who are looking for it. Major question what I came across in SEO – Search Engine Optimization was about Backlinks and two of the most frequently asked questions were:

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  1. Do backlinks still matter?
  2. How to get quality Backlinks quickly?

Do backlinks still matter?

I have found no credable expert in this matter says Backlinking does not matter. This all started with the penguin and the Hummimgbird algorithm with google in 2012. Google for the first time introduced semantic search. They also introduced strict policy around backlink building as a result people who were taking risky backlinking methods were found out and punished and everyone doing the backlink building was rewarded.


So backlinking building is dead for those who misuse it but backlink building in general still remains a corner-stone for search engine ranking algorithms and a core element of internet as a whole because it gives humans like you and me an opportunity to give their votes to which website they found more useful.

Why is this Useful?

Because we ought to remember that google is just a computer algorithm what I get by that is google can detect what content might perform better for a unique search content but they still need human to  guide their judgement to prove what is useful and what is not.

How to get quality Backlinks quickly?


Unlike other areas of the SEO the where we can download a plugin or write better content with backlinks the majority of the control does not rest in your hands.

With all other areas of SEO you are trying to do things the right way in an efficient manner but with backlinks we are looking to be effective because backlinks are given out by other website owners relationships are key and best relationships are built over time much like growing a plant which requires certain amount of soil water sunlight fertilizer and time to grow naturally remember adding any more of these ingredients won’t make too much of an effect on the end product other than potentially destroying that.

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So my assured answer to anyone asking this how to get quality backlinks quickly is their no such 5 minute method unless you are paying high amount to the web and frankly speaking theirs no such need even. In many professional opinion link building is the hardest part of seo and that is as it should be but as google get’s smarter and smarter you will need less backlinks to port your content.

The success of you backlink building campaign will be directly related to how much value you are able to add because the rules have completely changed.


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