Why WordPress is the best for blogging ?

Well, many people have over many years of experience in blogging & I can surely say WordPress is the best blogging platform out there.While many would suggest some other options like Blogger or Squarespace, but you can’t deny WP gives you much more options & flexibility over other Platforms.


Let’s check out some of the coolest features of WordPress.

Easy to Use

WordPress is easy to use that makes it one of the easiest blogging platform. You don’t need knowledge of coding to use WordPress that makes it amazing for everyone who wants to run their online business.

WordPress is easy to install. You can easily write articles in it. If you buy Bluehost, Hostgator or Cloudways. Then you don’t need to manually upload it to your server. You can install it with 1-click.

You can select a good design for your site. It offers a lot of free to premium themes that can make your website look professional. If you get premium themes then you will have many features that can help you to grow your online business. We will talk more about WordPress themes in this article.

It Gives You Multiple Options

WordPress offers multiple Option that can help you easily handle your website. Some of them are following:-


With analytics plugin, you can monitor visitors activity on your site. It is easy to use.


 Edit & Publish

WordPress gives you a good post writing option. You can easily write your article with many options. You can put images, change image size and put caption, alt, image name. You can easily insert link to text to show the source or reference to your article to make it appear more authoritative.

One of the best part of this feature that you can easily save and set the timer and schedule it to post anytime you want it to publish even when you’re sleeping. Isn’t it amazing?pexels-photo-693892.jpeg

Social Media Profiles & Share Buttons

You can easily add social media profiles on your WordPress website. You can grow your social media followers with it. It gives you social media share button to your articles which let your readers share your articles with their family and friends. It increases your website traffic and helps you grow as a famous brand.


Newsletter Subscriber Box

WordPress allows you easily add newsletter subscriber box to your site. It gives you a different option that can actually give you good results if you learn email marketing.

If you want make money with your website then Newsletter subscriber box will help you do that. It helps you collect emails. When you have enough newsletter subscribers you can get good leads from using the email list. You can sell your products to your email list.


WordPress Themes

If Design is one of the main aspects of your Blog ( And it Must be ), Then WordPress is the Best choice for You in any possible situation. There are Thousands and Thousands of Free & Premium Themes Available for WP.
While Free Themes might be the first choice for Newbie Bloggers, I would always recommend going with the Premium Option as the Developers provide 24/7 Support for theme related Problems.
(Keep Checking for a List of Best WordPress Themes out Soon.)

WordPress Pluginspexels-photo-164531.jpeg

With a Great Blogging Platform comes many more Great features. Well, The Plugin Functionality gives you immense options to do almost anything with your WordPress Blog, Gives much more customization & automation options. Unlike Other Blogging Platforms (Blogger Etc.), WP is Killing it with its Plugins. There’s a Plugin for Everything out there in thousands of marketplaces. You also get many options to choose from & Free/Premium Versions of almost every important plugins gives us the benefit to Try the Plugin Features before we Buy.

Search Engine Optimization


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of Blogging. But You Need not worry about SEO when you go with WordPress. Yes, WP gives you an edge over other Blogging platforms like Blogger (Owned by Google itself.) or Squarespace when it comes to SEO.
Even though there are numerous Plugins available for WP Search Engine Optimization, the Default Installation of WP is Optimized enough to rank better in Search Engine Queries.

WordPress Support


If you are new then you will need help to find the solution of basic to a difficult problem that you may face using WordPress. WordPress support forum helps you give a solution of problems you can face while working on your site. You

can just search your problem on Google search engine about your WordPress issue and it will lead you to a fine solution. You can find a few articles that offer a step-by-step solution.



WordPress sites are scalable for a large Database. Yes, This is one of the best advantages of using WP as your Blogging Platform. You can have Millions of Posts hosted on your Blog & nothing to worry about.
Some of the Biggest & Greatest Blogs like TechCrunch, Forbes & Mashable use WP, Apart from that, WP is the favorite platform for many of top Fortune 500 Companies.
Check out the List of most notable WordPress Users Here.



Monetization becomes much easier on the WP Blogging Platform due to the presence of 24/7 Support & Dedicated Plugins for WP Platform.
WordPress.org Self Hosted Blogs have Plugins for Contextual Ad Network like Google AdSense (The Best) and it also provides monetization via Word Ads , Media.net & even Direct Advertising Platforms like BuySellAds. Also, There are a number of themes that are pre-optimized for Placing Ads (And Earning Better).


Well, it all lies in your hand now. Whether or not you go with WordPress is your choice, but I strongly believe after reading this post, you’re fully aware of the advantages of WP over other Blogging Platforms & how WP can do wonders for your Blog/Business.



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