Why content matters the most in marketing ?

Content is the Ace” – Writing high quality, absolutely authentic, useful, interesting and unique content for readers will bring you the crown.

According to Seth Godin, “content marketing is the only marketing left.

It is a key element of modern time’s marketing techniques for every single and last online business. Content Marketing is the lifeline of your online business.

In January 1996, Bill Gates published an article named “content is king”. So, It’s hard to find how old is this term and how valuable it is.

Let’s focus on the main topic “Why Content is the master stroke in Digital Marketing“. Below are listed 9 different reasons “why content is crucial and how it brings the crown”.

1) Better Search Engine Visibilitypexels-photo-266176.jpeg

Posting more often on your blog increases the Google crawl rate. When you write a new article on your blog Google is going to index you for that article. Having more article doesn’t mean you will have more search engine traffic but it allows you to rank for more search queries. If you target long-tail keywords it will help you improve your chances to rank higher in Google with more search engine visibility.

2) Higher Social Traffic

pexels-photo-95916.jpegGood quality articles get more social shares on social media. When you share the unique piece of content that is valuable to your audience they will tend to share it with their family and friends. In the long run, you will see the greater number of referral traffic from social media sites.

 3) More Subscribers and Followers


Increased search engine visibility will give you more chances to get organic visitors. A big number of social shares will offer you the greater amount of social media referral traffic.

Both of them will have a good impact on your subscribers list and followers. These readers will convert into subscribers and followers with the time if you know how to make them subscribe you or follow you. If your article is well written and helping your readers then they will more likely end up to follow you.

4) Better Conversion rate


When you write a great content you bring value for your readers. They engage more with the article. If you do it correctly, you can use remaining space to convert them into your subscribers or followers. You can also give the pitch for your product or services. Remeber to not change your article into an advertisement.

5) Increased Referral Traffic


Visits that your blog receive from sources outside of search engine is known as referral traffic. Referral traffic can come from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon,LinkedIn and so on.

Higher social shares will bring you more referral traffic. If your content is helping your readers and they impressed by your content then they will share it with their friends and family. They will use some social media platform to share it.

You can get more referral traffic if you start guest posting. When you write for other websites as a guest writer, you will have a higher possibility to get a link back to your site either in author box or in content. You need to find a relevant, reputable site with the large audience. With one guest post you can generate a good number of visitors to your site.

When you write a useful, high quality and unique content on the authorative websites with huge traffic you attract their some of the audiences to your website. This is the best example of saying “content is king” because you’re getting new visitors to your site. Traffic will come from different relevant websites because of the content you write for them. You can take advantage of their massive readership with your article.

6) Build a Better Brand Reputation


Writing great content has a good impact on building a better brand reputation. When you publish the great content and your readers find it helpful, valuable and authentic you leave a good impression of your brand on your readers.

The uniqueness and enlightening part of your content will make your readers think more of your brand. Moreover, when they find your articles on other websites and appearing in their social media news feeds they will see you as more reliable and reputable brand in your field.



7) Make better relationship with your Readers



Building reputable brand helps you to make good relationship with your audience. Also, great content will improve the loyalty and good relation with your readers. They will start developing more personal relationship with your website. They will start to trust and rely on your website for information. Having the better relationship with your readers will make them buy your products.


8) Improved In-site time



If you have more great content on your site that means your readers will stay for a long time on your site. They will engage more with your article.

Article depth will also make them stay on a single article for long period. If you are making your article with the larger word count that will also help you get more engagement rate with your readers.


Many articles on your site will improve the in-site time. It will have a good impact on readers to make them more likely to engage with your website. It will help you get social shares. Your reader will become more familiar with your brand. You will gain their trust, which will help you to get more conversion rate.


9) Increase Domain Authority


When you write high-quality content It gets more search engine visibility and social shares. It gives you the opportunity to get more inbound links from outside websites. When other content creators find important facts, info, or something that can be valuable for their readers they will mention about your article in their post along with a link to it.


With time you will get more and more inbound links to your website from other authoritative sites. More guest posting can boost up your process to do this. The inbound links from reputable sites will help to increase domain authority, page authority, and trust flow of your website.


A higher domain authority helps you gain higher search ranking. The greater content you create the better possibility you get for search engine visibility and also the higher search ranking. This will help you get more organic traffic to your website.





Content is king” is the old term.


  • It is everywhere.
  • It is the lifeline of a business.
  • It can bring you more organic traffic, more social shares, more subscribers, more customers, more brand name and more domain authority.
  • It will definitely help you grow as an expert in your industry.
  • It will help you make good relationship with your readers.
  • It can give you good push to your online business.

You should start writing better content for your website and take advantages of all these things as mentioned in this post.



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