Google Console

YETI” Yes you heard it right, rumored is that Google is launching their own gaming console. One of biggest company “Google” launching their first product in gaming field. It is a bold move to go into the gaming market. Where there is already big tech giant like Sony and Microsoft. These giants are in the market from very long time. So it is going to be very difficult for the Google for beat the giants.


Reports suggest that Google is developing a futuristic cloud game streaming service. Shortly after launching this service, Google can launch their own physical console for gaming. “Yeti” will use internet for playing games online just like PlayStation Now and Microsoft’s Xbox.


There are reports that Google hired former PlayStation and Xbox executives Phil Harrison to help in making this bold decision successful. Phil Harrison had experience of working in big tech giants. He works as corporate vice president of Microsoft. Before that he was a representative director of Sony Computer Entertainment. He demonstrated the PlayStation 3 development hardware in 2005.


Google can beat other competitors by allowing streaming in chrome and chromecast. Which helps getting more audience to play games. Google is also developing their own unique gaming console for better user experience. Streaming feature also give an edge to Google. With streaming user can play game instantly without downloading the big files on their PC. Users which have less rams or graphic cards can also experience the great graphics of the game.

In the end it is confirmed that there are going to be a great competition between these giants tech. This is all for improving user experience. So wait for yeti to come and rock the gaming World.

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