Cryptojackers infliction | Thousands of websites getting Hacked

Cryptocurrency has been taking over and unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard of bitcoin.

What you may not know is it is possible to mine your own crypto coins similarly gold was mined during the gold rush in 1800’s. Let me tell you how many youtuber’s , bloggers, website owners are using tools called plugin’s in general to use cpu power of the host computers in order to generate crytocurrency i.e bitcoins.


But in reality, cryptojacking is happening without the user’s consent, and it’s not being carried out by traditional publishers. Instead, fraudsters are hijacking users’ devices and all the user notices is a slowdown in their processing speed. The user is likely to blame the website they’re visiting for the problem, but the website that the cryptojacking is occurring on is usually a victim.

They tell you that you will increase your vistors and will generate bitcoins one way or another and the results is you get your own site into trouble.

The affected sites all use a fairly popular plugin called Browsealoud, made by Brit biz Texthelp, which reads out webpages for blind or partially sighted people.

The Monero miner was added to Browsealoud’s code some time between 0300 and 1145 UTC: here’s a clean copy of its JavaScript, and the hacked version. Coinhive’s code is mostly detected and stopped by antivirus packages and ad-blocking tools. The miner perishes when you close the browser tab, so if you have visited one of the affected sites, your computer shouldn’t be infected: the code only runs while the tab is open.