You Can’t Read this !!! Until You Disconnect from Internet

A new magazine featuring short stories, articles, and poetry, is online-only. But you can’t actually read it while you’re online. The magazine hides behind a warning notice until you disconnect your phone or computer from the internet. This new feature is extremely creative.

There are the parents, children, or employees who will feel obliged to be available and hesitant to risk extended periods of disconnection. Like cops on the beat, they are required to anticipate the needs of others, so opportunities like trips to remote areas, digital detoxes, or even putting the phone into airplane mode, will be few and far between.

Many People can’t always be online.This is an intuitive idea that can promote readers that may hesitate because of poor internet connection. Though there are apps like pocket that can store website content to store for later timings.

You can also download it from the link provided below.

Download Pocket


Check this Webzine Here —->>>Disconnect


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