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MonthFebruary 2018

Why content matters the most in marketing ?

Posting more often on your blog increases the Google crawl rate. When you write a new article on your blog Google is going to index you for that article. Having more article doesn’t mean you will have more search engine traffic but it allows you to rank for more search queries. If you target long-tail keywords it will help you improve your chances to rank higher in Google with more search engine visibility.



“YETI” Yes you heard it right, rumored is that Google is launching their own gaming console. One of biggest company “Google” launching their first product in gaming field. It is a bold move to go into the gaming market. Where there is already big tech giant like Sony and Microsoft. These giants are in the market from very long time. So it is going to be very difficult for the Google for beat the giants.

Cryptojackers infliction | Thousands of websites getting Hacked

Cryptocurrency has been taking over and unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard of bitcoin.

What you may not know is it is possible to mine your own crypto coins similarly gold was mined during the gold rush in 1800’s. Let me tell you how many youtuber’s , bloggers, website owners are using tools called plugin’s in general to use cpu power of the host computers in order to generate crytocurrency i.e bitcoins.