Chrome Hidden Feature for Speed Improvements

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers. Google chrome’s bit level manipulation makes it small and portable to run on approximately 95% of all the devices.

Readers thankyou for being here today I am gonna show you how google chrome and other browser have secrectly integrated the advanced setting inside. Technically I love Chrome , especially on android one of the reasons is the way it shows the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages, the speed,  since google’s is currently rolling out accelerated mobile pages in its mobile search results.


To improve the speed type the following in your chrome browser’s Url location


chrome flags.PNG

If you are an android user go to chrome and type tcp in the search panel.

Screenshot_20180113-130550[1]        Screenshot_20180113-130905[1]

Now Enable the Tcp Fast Open.

Similarly other browsers to have such setting you may call the advanced setting. In some browsers it may void the browser’s terms of service.

On other Browsers accessing the same might be different. For firefox these internal setting are accessed by :

Type the following in browser : about:config


Search tcp  and double click on fast enable to set the following configurations.

I cannot guarantee the speed of browser but the speed on secure connections will be relatively improved.