How To Remove Proxy Server Error

Well there are certain software that may route your network. You may call it a virus or a malicious software. Sometime downloading some genuine software can also result in such errors. If you are facing an error as such try the following methods in order to get rid of it.

Windows Security  is an adware program that will change your proxy settings to to inject advertisements and other unwanted behavior into web pages as you are browsing the web and you may download similar applications. 

So before you download any applications or extensions to your browser at least check before installing it.

This is the kind of error you might be facing.

Proxy Server error

uncheck Use a proxy server in Proxy server settings To find path Search proxy server setting in win 10 search tab.

To Sort it out Follow the following steps



Internet Settings

ProxyEnable————change value to 0

You are free to use the internet now. But once you restart your computer, there is a possibility that the proxy settings might reset.
So disable the startup items by going to msconfig.exe


In Windows 10 it is managed via the task manager
Task Manager.PNG

Disable the irrelevant items in the tray.

Hope this information might help.

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