Netflix and Spotify|Piracy Threat

Few years earlier, piracy was rampant. Everyone was listing its content open source.This was somehow a neccessity at that time as there was no legal authurization of the content it flourished.

Pirate Bay founder and former spokesperson Peter Sunde believes that piracy will decrease over time. However, people won’t be better off when online media distribution is in the hands of the powerful few. “Netflix, Spotify etc are not a solution, but a loss,” he says.

For Peter and three others associated with The Pirate Bay, this eventually resulted in jail sentences. They were not the only ones to feel the consequences. Over the past decade, dozens of torrent sites were shut down under legal pressure, forcing those operators that remain to go into hiding.

According to a new report published by Norwegian research body Ipsos MMI, almost 1.2 billion songs were copied without permission in Norway in 2008, but that figure had plummeted to 210 million – just 17.5 per cent of its level four years earlier.

Piracy of movies and TV shows has also reduced by around half, with 65 million film and 55 million TV shows illegally downloaded in 2012, compared to125 million and 135 million respectively in 2008.


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