ISECOM gives birth to Open Source Security Testing

The Institute of Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM), the directors of the manual, provide professional certifications for security testers, and security analysts. These certifications require applied knowledge and skills to pass that better differentiates between those who can walk the walk and those who can only talk the talk. Both the OSSTMM professional security tester (OPST) and the OSSTMM professional security analyst (OPSA) have become requirements for many countries to provide government security tests, audits and penetration tests. Unlike other certifications in the hacking
genre, the certified professional security testers and analysts had to prove the ability to apply their skills efficiently and with exactness. This level of preciseness under time pressure means losing bad habits, working with formal methods and applying formal verification to get factual results. For this reason, fhose who are OSSTMM certified are finding themselves more readily employed than those with other penetration testing certifications in many fields even outside of IT.

Started at the end of 2000, the OSSTMM quickly grew over the following years to encompass all security channels (Shannels) with the applied experience of thousands of reviewers. The OSSTMM had been housed under the domain ideahamster. org where it received a steady amount of traffic from contributors dubbed as ideahamsters. An’ideahamster’ is the nickname for people who were spinning out new ideas like a hamster on a wheel.

As the OSSTMM continues to grow, it has never lost its vendor-free, politically neutral values.

ISECOM is an open community and a non-profit organization officially registered in Catalonia, Spain. ISECOM maintains offices in Barcelona, Spain and in New York, USA.

A big sorry for all my Indian viewers. None offices are in India. Financing for ISECOM is provided through partnerships, subscriptions, certifications, licensing, seminars, and private research endowments.

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