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Well I have been asked many queries about which one to use for web development among  and Php?

So I’ll be introducing the pros and cons for both of them.

Both of them come with a vast variety of tools and technologies that can be incorporated with them still there are certain features to give some highs and lows.


Why Use Php?

  • A great feature of PHP is that it ’ s cross – platform — you can run PHP programs on Windows, Linux,
    FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris, among others.
  • The PHP engine can integrate with all
    common Web servers, including Apache, Internet Information Server (IIS), Zeus, and lighttpd.
  • Low cost for hosting on Linux servers. The server software to
    run your apps can be expensive.
  • ASP (Active Server Pages):

This venerable Microsoft technology has been around since 1997,
and was one of the first Web application technologies to integrate closely with the Web server,
resulting in fast performance. ASP scripts are usually written in VBScript, a language derived
from BASIC. This contrasts with PHP ’ s more C – like syntax. Although both languages have their
fans, I personally find that it ’ s easier to write structured, modular code in PHP than in VBScript.


This is the latest incarnation of ASP, though in fact it ’ s been rebuilt from the ground up. It ’ s actually a framework of libraries that you can use to build Web sites, and you have a choice of  languages to use, including C#, VB.NET (Visual Basic), and J# (Java). Because ASP.NET gives you a large library of code for doing things like creating HTML forms and accessing database tables, you can get a Web application up and running very quickly. PHP, although it has a very rich standard library of functions, doesn ’ t give you a structured framework to the extent that ASP.NET does. On the other hand, plenty of free application frameworks and libraries are available for PHP, such PEAR (discussed later in this book) and the Zend Framework. Many would argue that C# is a nicer, better – organized language to program in than PHP, although C# is arguably harder to learn. Another advantage of ASP.NET is that C# is a compiled language, which generally means it runs faster than PHP ’ s interpreted scripts (although PHP compilers are available).

Well if integration of different services is all you need opt for .net else plan for php. Php is open source u won’t have to get your copy of Microsoft Software essentials (Visual Studio) for it. Php is free open- source wide collection, frameworks have increased at large extent.

Some alternative to these are :

  • ASP and ASP.NET
  • Perl
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • ColdFusion

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