How To Remove Proxy Server Error

Well there are certain software that may route your network. You may call it a virus or a malicious software. Sometime downloading some genuine software can also result in such errors. If you are facing an error as such try the following methods in order to get rid of it. Windows Security  is an adware program that will change your proxy settings to to … Continue reading How To Remove Proxy Server Error

Netflix and Spotify|Piracy Threat

Few years earlier, piracy was rampant. Everyone was listing its content open source.This was somehow a neccessity at that time as there was no legal authurization of the content it flourished. Pirate Bay founder and former spokesperson Peter Sunde believes that piracy will decrease over time. However, people won’t be better off when online media distribution is in the hands of the powerful few. “Netflix, Spotify … Continue reading Netflix and Spotify|Piracy Threat

ISECOM gives birth to Open Source Security Testing

The Institute of Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM), the directors of the manual, provide professional certifications for security testers, and security analysts. These certifications require applied knowledge and skills to pass that better differentiates between those who can walk the walk and those who can only talk the talk. Both the OSSTMM professional security tester (OPST) and the OSSTMM professional security analyst (OPSA) have become requirements for many countries to provide government security tests, audits and penetration tests. Continue reading “ISECOM gives birth to Open Source Security Testing”