Travails of Cryptovirology


Cryptovirology is known as the younger evil sibling of Cryptography. It is a field devoted to the study of using cryptography for designing powerful malicious software. It was observed that Public-key  Cryptography can be used to break the symmetry between what an antivirus analyst sees: regarding what the virus writer sees. The former only sees a public key whereas the latter sees public key and a corresponding private key. ‘Cryptoviral Extortion’ was the first attack identified in the field of cryptovirology. In this attack, a virus, worm or hybrid encrypts the victim’s files and the user must pay the malware author to receive the needed session key (which is encrypted under the author’s Public key that is contained in the malware) if the user does not have backups and needs the files back.

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Rumor Mill |Tech Trends |Prediction 2018

Well , the year 2017 was an year of new technologies,

Personally,  I’m amazed at the technology we have available to us. It’s astounding to have the power to retrieve almost any information and communicate in a thousand different ways using a device that fits in your pocket.

From Cryptoconcurrency, Artificial intelligence, Bezel-less phones, Animoji, Smart Speakers, Bots, Influencer marketing  Video and VR/AR/360-Degree Videos and many more…

The way I see it, there are six major tech trends we’re in store for in 2018. If you’re eyeing a sector in which to start a business, any of these is a pretty good bet. If you’re already an entrepreneur, think about how you can leverage these technologies to reach your target audience in new ways. Continue reading “Rumor Mill |Tech Trends |Prediction 2018”