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Lucrative uprising trends in technology

Demand for programmers is rising, or so they say. Newer technologies are coming up, and their market sizes are increasing steadily. Many dreams of building software, and translating it into a business. Gone are the days of a boom in social media services and Instant Messaging.With technology booming we’re all in for advancements in nearly all spheres of life.

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IOT | Smart home devices that are changing our way of living

Imagine a world where everything in our lives is connected to the internet and each other, not only  smartphones and computers, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, door bells, cameras, windows, window blinds,  windows, thermostats, water system, utensils-anything you could think of. A world where all of these devices can be in constant communication and controlled by users remotely via voice command or the simple push of a button. And what if those devices could all communicate, send you information, and take your commands? It’s not science fiction; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s a key component of home automation and smart homes.

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Battery charging tips and tricks for prolonged life

As mobile phone users, all we want is enough battery life to last the day. Frustratingly, Batteries do not enjoy eternal life. Most smartphone manufacturers say their devices rate their batteries at 300-500 cycles. Apple claims that its laptop batteries reach 80 percent of their original capacity after 1,000 charges.In fact, the amount of battery life our mobiles have on any given day depends on two key factors: how we use them on that particular day, and how we used them in the past.

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All about Macros in Excel | Macro settings explained | Security Issues with them.

Ever thought to automate things you do in excel? Suppose you are manager of a bank and you are repeating some of the actions on a daily basis.  A macro is an action set or a series of actions that you can run as many times as you want. When you create a macro, you are recording your actions i.e. mouse clicks and keystrokes and after the creation of a macro, you can use it as many times you want.

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What are backlinks and crosslinks? How they are structured?

Simply a backlink is a hyperlink which when clicked direct you to another page. The purpose of a backlink is to add more

value-added content
others opinion
who you have have identified more important enough to link to. In terms of search engines google, bing, yahoo and others use them to index web pages  by swinging from link to link with their web crawlers almost all web pages in google and other search engines have been indexed this way.

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Life of Hard Drives, SSD and CD-ROM? What is Data Rot?

When it comes to securing our data we often think that our data is safe when we store our data in these electronic/magnetic storage medias. But we often forget that even the hard copies of data can’t exist for a lifetime. Even when we write something on a piece of paper even we cannot claim to be forever there maybe the paper gets rot or the ink fades away. So how can we be so assured in case of these electronic devices. They also do have a life span. This deterioration in the quality and performance of data is known as data rot.

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The biggest data breaches and hacks of 2018.. so far.

We’re now more than halfway through 2018 but the scale of some of the data breaches that have already been reported is staggering. This year has seen more third-party services being breached and customer data stolen from multiple companies in one go.
We’ll only be looking at the bigger ones, and some may not have happened this year – its common for cyber security incidents not to be disclosed for months, or even years.